Touch :

Control 4 in use in the home

Listen :

Multi room audio made easy with the Sonos range

Church Installation :

Modern AV Systems sympathetic to their surroundings

Corporate Reception :

Digital signage and LED feature lighting

Hotel Spa and Gym :

Background music system and TV distribution

Nightclub :

Sound, Lighting, Visual


Meeting Rooms Designed for Presentation

Today’s boardroom solutions range from a simple projector and screen, up to a fully automated multi-media, multi-screen, presentation system with surround sound audio and interactive white-board.

We can talk to you about integrating your IT with the latest AV equipment. We can talk to you about video conferencing too.

Our first questions to you will be about the people that will use the room, and what they will use it for – this helps us identify base level equipment, and then work with you to specify any future upgrade paths.

It is far better for us to lay a few extra cables, and make minor design changes to make future additions or expansion both cheaper and quicker to implement.

Boardroom tables can accommodate power and computer connections - allowing every attendee to present on the main screen from the comfort of their chair.

A media wall can be an excellent way to conceal technology - cupboards can enclose a rack of equipment whilst a display can appear to float with cable management built in. !