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Control 4 in use in the home

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Multi room audio made easy with the Sonos range

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Modern AV Systems sympathetic to their surroundings

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Digital signage and LED feature lighting

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Background music system and TV distribution

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Digital Signage

Real-time Advertising and Information

Our solutions will help you deliver real-time, content rich messaging in a variety of environments, such as office buildings, schools & colleges, libraries, retail outlets, call-centres and more.

Attention grabbing advertising: A digital sign brings innovation and movement to previously static media locations, and has the power to get customers' attention, making it a particularly effective form of advertising.

Real-time advertising and information: Digital signage allows advertising and information to be updated on the fly from one remote authoring station and broadcast immediately to audiences regardless of location.

Relevant audiences: With digital signage, advertising focuses on the best potential customer: an existing one. Supermarkets have already found that current customers are more likely to purchase products advertised on their digital signs.

Cost savings: Every time digital signage users change their message or campaign, they save on printing costs and processing time.

Profit centre opportunities: Businesses can create instant profit centres by selling advertising time on their digital signs to customers or suppliers.