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Control 4 in use in the home

Listen :

Multi room audio made easy with the Sonos range

Church Installation :

Modern AV Systems sympathetic to their surroundings

Corporate Reception :

Digital signage and LED feature lighting

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Background music system and TV distribution

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Sound, Lighting, Visual

School, College and University

Digital Technology is Shaping the Future Through Learning

Here at FT Audio Visual we receive inquiries from Schools, Colleges, Universities and private training facilities with a wide range of requests!

Installations ranging from a smart-board and projector in the classroom to a sound & lighting system in the main hall, on stage, dance studio or drama department. In some more adventurous schools we have even installed radio/recording studios or even pupil interactive digital signage.

Two very recent similar projects included winch lighting bars in schools with DMX control dimmers and the use of PC based lighting control software. Each project were sold a selection of generic lighting and the ability to hire and plug in moving head lighting for larger show production.

Our industry can be exciting for a pupil and our understanding is to provide a solution aimed at learning. We try to break down each individual component of an installation and make it user friendly and educational rather than confusing and frustratingly difficult understand.

Digital technology is changing the world of presentation, visualisers are the next big thing in teaching! “Samsung and Genee visualisers” display printed documents, 3D objects, x-ray film, slides and even capture moving objects, which are then displayed through a projector or even onto your smart-board. Freeze, zoom in and save to your PC.