Touch :

Control 4 in use in the home

Listen :

Multi room audio made easy with the Sonos range

Church Installation :

Modern AV Systems sympathetic to their surroundings

Corporate Reception :

Digital signage and LED feature lighting

Hotel Spa and Gym :

Background music system and TV distribution

Nightclub :

Sound, Lighting, Visual

Installation Procedure


Firstly, and possibly the most important part of the installation is to talk with you, the client in order to offer a comprehensive quote. We will of course listen to your needs but will also offer advice on the positioning of your equipment taking into account mounting height, seating positions, viewing distance of your plasma or LCD screen and also whether the wall is suitable to take the weight. We will then check and scan for hidden wires or pipes etc prior to drilling or wall chasing. If we are installing a projector and screen, we will look at light sources, mounting distance of projector to screen to give you the best possible picture quality. We will consider the route for laying cables etc. For home cinema installations we will advise on the best speaker positions, leads and speaker cable. Again, we will look at the best places to conceal any cables. Future Proofing We will always talk through the options and possibilities for the advancement in equipment. Certainly with home cinema it can be easy to leave out a cable which can later be needed to connect up a new Xbox 360 bought for Christmas for example. The same can be said for any system design, we will always consider the future.

Documentation & Risk Assessment

Before attending site to start work we will send a 'Risk assessment' outlining all possible risks involved with the project and the preventative measures we take. It will be accompanied by a 'method statement' which will give a description of the work to be under taken and our plan as to how we will achieve the goal safely. The client will also receive a copy of our health and safety policy and with all the paperwork in place the FTAV install team can travel to site.


On arrival on installation day our team will make a plan of action. Once we have established a plan, we cover the room with dust sheets and or carpet protectors and move any furniture as necessary. We disconnect any existing equipment if required. Each evening our sites are tidied of equipment and tools for safety.


We treat every piece of fixed AV equipment with the same mentality, “It needs to stay fixed safely there” Most likely, your biggest worry will be whether your Plasma ,LCD or new speakers can be securely fixed to the wall. When we mount your equipment, our primary concern is to make absolutely sure that your screen is safely fixed to the wall. We will always "over-fix" using extra fixings if required. That way we can the guarantee our installations will stay on the wall. We provide all necessary bolts and ensure the correct bolts are chosen which depends on the type of wall. Once the installation is complete, the site will be cleaned and tidied. We will then setup and configure your equipment to achieve the best possible results.


We will give full instruction and the relevant on-site training. It is possible to supply a bespoke system manual if required, and we also offer further support for the future via telephone or additional booked training days.