Touch :

Control 4 in use in the home

Listen :

Multi room audio made easy with the Sonos range

Church Installation :

Modern AV Systems sympathetic to their surroundings

Corporate Reception :

Digital signage and LED feature lighting

Hotel Spa and Gym :

Background music system and TV distribution

Nightclub :

Sound, Lighting, Visual

Outdoor Lighting

Custom designed lighting for your space

Your LED installation will be custom designed to specifically address your lighting priorities and overcome your unique lighting challenges. FT Audio Visual are no strangers to outdoor lighting in the garden, hotel, shop front, nightclub or bar. Whatever your project might be there is sure to be a solution..

LED is not the only solution but here are some key feature for use in the outdoor environment;

EVENING ENJOYMENT OF OUTDOOR SPACES - your LED installation will illuminate your patio, deck and landscaping creating a romantic ambiance and discrete, dramatic effect. Attraction for bugs and insects with LEDs is dramatically reduced

CURB APPEAL - your LED installation will make your home stand out. Highlighting a few architectural and landscape features will accentuate focal points and a few well placed fixtures providing indirect lighting will produce a unified visual statement and increase the value of your property.

LOW MAINTENANCE - your LED installation will not require you to change light bulbs, ever, since it does not use bulbs. After twenty-five years of operation LED fixtures will still have 65% of their initial light output.

AMBIENCE - your LED installation can be programmed to your needs. The possibilities with colour are endless with the ability to program static colours or a colour fading show at the touch of a button.